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TheRootDesk™ is a natural stand-up desk created to take your life to the next level.

TheRootDesk™ Plan

True success starts with transformation at the root.
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Stop Losing Sales!

How much money is your current desk costing you?

Are perspective clients leaving without a purchase?
Are you watching money walk out the door?
You don't need to let sales disappear from you. Get TheRootDesk™ today and start closing deals.
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TheRootDesk Process

Our promise: three trees are planted for every desk sold.

Each tree root is locally sourced from in or around the Lancaster, PA area.

Next, literal hours are spent cleaning the root while removing dirt and rocks.

After the root is thoroughly cleaned, we take the root through a natural drying process which lasts for approximately a year.

Once the drying process is complete, we meticulously spend time ridding the root of everything detracting from the root’s authentic beauty.  We then hand brush a protective coat over the root to both preserve the root as well as draw out any natural beauty.

Last but certainly not least in TheRootDesk process, for every RootDesk that is sold, three additional trees are planted.

A Stand-up Executive Desk

Are you a CEO or high-level executive looking to standout from competition? This is your time to succeed as you make a lasting good impression on everyone who enters your office.
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Hi! I'm Scott, the RootDesk creator.

I'm on a mission to help businesses standout. Ready to take your business to the next level? Let's get in touch!

TheRootDesk Story

How it all began.
  • 2016
    A Raw Root

    In preparing for my outdoor wedding, I began cutting wood for tables and benches, etc. While foraging for wood, I noticed a tree root and thought it would be cool to use at my wedding.

  • 2017
    An Appetizer Table

    I had no idea what I was creating. I simply started stripping from the root anything that didn't look nice. Countless hours were spent with a sledge and pick as I broke out rocks and began cleaning away dirt. Eventually, a stunning appetizer table made it's first debut at my wedding.

  • 2018
    My Personal Desk

    After a year of natural drying, my appetizer table continued to evolve. I was in need of a desk. So I added a few legs, did a bit more work, and before I knew it, a beautiful desk began to take form.

  • 2019
    A Business & Patent

    My wife (Anna) and I decided this masterpiece of a desk was simply too amazing to keep to ourselves. So after much research, we created this business and filed for a patent.

You deserve a desk as unique as you.

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